That was a thing

Phew, we’re tired. This past weekend saw the ultimate triumvirate of rad bike things put on the annual Hopkins Park Cross, race #2 of the ChiCrossCup. The sun was shining early, the dew melted quickly and the chili flowed. We think it went pretty well.

The weekend was full of new things. Saturday morning, a whole bunch of ROBOTS <3 and Half Acres trekked out to DeKalb to start setting up, assited by a number of folks from North Central Cyclery. First order of business was to resurrect The Flyover. Many hands pushed and pulled it up like a good old-fashioned barn raising. If there’s one thing DeKalb and Sycamore has plenty of, it’s really great people willing to lend a hand to do good work. Eric Gunn was once again gracious enough to let us use his  truck and trailer to move a few thousand pounds of wood from the storage barn to the park.

Hopefully, you noticed how straight and uniform the course was. Hopkins Park was a bit of a test site to using some tools developed after USGP promoters Joan Hanscom and Bruce Fina taught a room full of top US cyclocross promoters how they make everything so professional at their races back in May.  We also prototyped some course crossings, and definitely look forward to feedback on them. It took perhaps a bit longer than usual to set the course up, but now that we have a process we hope everything will be much faster. The goal is to have a super-pro method of course setup by the time New Year’s Resolution gets here.

So, the single-speed race. Wow, 34 starters! We had some major heat going down in the first lap, with both James LaLonde and Mike Hemme from Chicago.CX in the field. Not content with letting them own the field, Nico Deportega-Cabrera from Chicago Cuttin Crew got the holeshot and led out the field until some 2nd-lap mishaps dashed his hopes of keeping LaLonde out of the jersey. Hemme and Dan Eiten went the wrong way at one point but came back strong. The Men’s podium sorted out LaLonde, Hemme and Eiten after some serious nonsense in the haybales. The Women had only 4 entries but they were all strong. Christina Peck (Chicago Cuttin Crew) dominated that race, and had perhaps the best endo ever. Holly Klug came out of retirement for a strong 2nd, and Leah Sanda rode the hay all 4 laps for third! Ellie Blick was on a track gearing but kept pushing it for fourth.

James and Christina are going to represent Chicago at SSCXWC on November 18-20 in San Francisco! We’ve registered them and will be flying them out. If all goes well they will be bringing it home for 2012!

The OUILSSSCXC wasn’t a USAC race, so you won’t see your results on USA Cycling. They live here.

Huge thanks to all of our sponsors sending us prizes! Johnny Sprockets put up some great prizes for the M and W Cat3’s. Lazer, Surly, Trek/Bontrager, Twin Six, Finish Line, Specialized,  and Half Acre Beer Co all came through with some great stuff. Pretty sure everyone went home happy.


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