DeKalb, IL

North Central Cyclery, Half Acre Cycling and ROBOTS <3 are extremely
pleased to announce the prizes for top man and woman finisher of the
Official Unofficial Illinois State Single Speed Cyclocross
Championship! On October 2, 2011 at Hopkins Park in DeKalb, IL,
alongside race #2 of the Chicago Cyclocross Cup
, racers with only one
gear will be competing on a grueling course full of obstacles and
shenanigans for a complimentary entry into the Single Speed Cyclocross
World Championship weekend being held November 18-20 in San Francisco, CA. In addition to entry, the OUILSSSCXC organizers are providing round-trip airfare to the winners, all inclusive!

This top woman and man will have the honor of representing the State
of Illinois, Home of Pizza, in a three-day event spanning the entire
Bay Area. CCC Series sponsor and SSCXWC promoter Sheila Moon will be
organizing a number of rides, events and parties all weekend long.

Winners are required to participate in the qualifying event, which
will choose the final start list of the main event in Golden Gate Park
on Sunday November 20. Air travel must be decided by October 15. Chris
Jensen of ROBOTS <3 will arrange travel on an individual basis. Bike
transport, housing and meals are ultimately the responsibility of the
winners, but the OUISSSCXC organizers will do what they can to help
make arrangements. If the winners of the OUISSSCXC are unable to
attend SSCXWC, they are encouraged to gift their prize to the
runners-up. The winner of the SSCXWC brings the race home for the next

OUISSSCXC start time is 4:15pm on October 2nd. Registration for this
race is on-site only, and limited to infinite amounts of racers.

For more information, contact Chris Jensen of ROBOTS <3 at

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