Oh, The Afterglow

It’s time once again for us to post something up on zee blogge, this time for our hallmark Chicago event that we throw every year with our close friends Chicago Cuttin Crew!

Check out this dope flyer from the lady who basically single-handedly won the 2012 Presidential Election:


Online registration is via BikeReg and you can get to it by clicking on this sentence!

We’ve moved the race down to Douglas Park, where our new partners Chicago Parks District has given us free reign over the unused 3-hole golf course next to the fieldhouse. Resident architect and course maestro Max has laid out a 1.5-mile rollercoaster that will keep you on your toes and fill you with lactic acid over some surprising terrain that the park has to offer. There’s a bit that’s going to be wicked haahd (as they say in the northeast) as it’s freshly mowed out of a meadow planting.

We’ve kept the categories the same as last year, since it works well. You’ll notice that the Men’s Cat 3 runs at the same time as the Men’s Cat 1/2/3, so pick your race according to whether or not you want to suffah wicked haahd or scoop some USAC points before Nationals!

Fatbike etc category is back in full effect, and since we’ll be running through some sandpits and hopefully snow, it might be the right choice no matter what race you’re doing.

Couple things on the setup: We’ll have registration in a tent right next to the start/finish line so we can share power and data for all the computers the ICA lets us use. Portable toilets will be right outside the fence on the east side of the course. The fieldhouse will be open for warming up etc but it’s a bit away from the course. They *might* let us go on the patio where you can watch most of the course, but you’ll need binoculars.

Big ups to Chicago Cyclocross Cup for letting us rent the equipment, and definitely need to recognize Marie Snyder for doing a bunch of the heavy lifting on the event!!


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Hopkins Park!

Hey everyone! Dusting off the blog to start dropping some HARD DETAILS on the upcoming Chicago Cyclocross Cup race in Hopkins Park, brought to you by ROBOTS <3, AXLETREE and Half Acre Cycling.

First up, we’re committed to matching payout across Men’s and Women’s fields. You’ve probably heard that CCC races with over 450 preregistered riders will get a bump in the Cat1/2/3 payouts. We’re making sure the women’s fields get the same bump in payout as the men’s.

(PS: Register Here!–Chicago-Cyclocross-Cup-2)

On top of that, we are proud to announce that we will be providing extra support for the Category 3 women at Hopkins Park.  We will be paying out the the top Cat 3 W finishers equal to the Men’s Cat 3 race, as well as holding a distinct podium for these ladies.

The fine print: In the event that a Cat 3 women finishes in the top five of the race, she will be awarded the larger the two payouts, but not double payout. We want to give the 3’s the recognition they deserve for the hard work they do.

With that done, on to the the logistics for the race:

The course will follow the same basic route as last year, in a figure-8 pattern afforded by our flyover. We’ll be making some changes to the “flow” of the course and make a better balance between power and skill. Expect some sections that will be fast if you have the skill to put down the power through them. We’re moving the pit to be a right-hand entry, and won’t require you to cross the course to get to it.

Half Acre will be heading up the world-famousse bake sale, but we’re pleased to announce we’ll have ROBOTS <3 sponsor Upton’s Naturals products as well, with vegan wraps and such for you to enjoy at lunch! We have a gourmet hot dog cart coming to satisfy the carnivores too.

AXLETREE and North Central Cyclery will be sponsoring a kid’s race around 1:45PM, during the Men’s Cat1/2/3 race. We’ll have a short course with short barriers for short legs, and everyone is a winner!

And finally, since the SS category is totally blowing up, we’ll almost certainly be opening up more pre-registration slots before the registration close on Friday. That will be at the expense of the sparsely-registered Masters 50+, so stay tuned! Our Juniors and 60+ fields are also filling, so keep an eye out!

More details will be up on the CCC race preview on Thursday!

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Oh snape, we have kits available to interested parties

Hey everyone!

We’re selling our kit. Just the jerseys and bibs though. It still means you can support the existence of ROBOTS <3 and also look pretty alright if you are not a terrible person on the inside.

The kit is via Pactimo, and we’re going with the mid-level Ascent kit. Sizes run pretty true but here’s a sizing guide if you are unsure. The one weird thing is that Pactimo doesn’t make an Ascent Women’s Bib Short, so for those we opted to go with the Summit bibs, which are totally PRO.

To get in on this jelly, email what you’d like to and we’ll send out a PayPal invoice straight away. If we don’t receive payment by Friday July 2yth we won’t be ordering it. Sorry for the short window, but Relay Cross awaits!

Men’s SS Ascent Jersey: $76 sizes S-XXL

Women’s SS Ascent jersey: $76 sizes XS-XXL

Men’s Ascent Bib Shorts: $84 sizes S-XXL

Women’s Summit Bib Shorts: $134 (yeah but they are NICE) sizes XS-XXL

Lead time is still 5-6 weeks so expect it to be around then  for delivery. If you live/work in the city you have the option to pick up your order at Comrade Cycles at 1908 W Chicago, in Chicago. We’ll let you know when it’s in.

If you want/need us to mail it, we’ll mail UPS Ground for $12. Make sure you note that on your order!

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hey everyone (anyone?)

been too long, but there’s things in the works. first things first, a bunch of people have asked if they could get some of our kit. welllll this year we’re opening up jerseys and bibs to whomever wants to support us! couple caveats: you can’t wear the kit in a race (USAC rules) and you can’t get the team-only skinsuits.

we’ll send out some info on that in the next week or two!

ROBOTS <3 has seen a bit of an expansion this year. we might even do some bios on all the ROBOTS. maybe.

also, we’re doing some other stuff to support the West Town Bikes CX program, specifically with the girls! resident personal trainer Katie Horvath is leading the organization, and we’re all pitching in to give these ladies a proper cyclocross education. if you’re interested in supporting this and getting some freshhhhh kits for them, drop us a line.

ALSO! Friday nights at 7:30pm, the Commonwealth of Toil ride starts from Comrade Cycles at 1908 W Chicago. 30-ish miles of pain cave heading south. bring lights. there is often getting of refreshments afterward.


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Advice for Friends of Cyclocross

Really sweet translation of a write-up from a French pro in the 1920’s!

(via Tati Cycles)

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Reblog: the officials of the CCC

The cool dudes at Chicago.CX wrote up a cool interview with some of the mainstays of the Chicago cross scene, Nikki and Loch. Any weather, any time. They are way tougher than you are.

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Embrocation Magazine

The fine folks at Embrocation Magazine made a photo gallery of the Chicago CX scene from last Sunday’s race in Woodstock, IL. We got some play!

check it out!

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